Our weather is very odd for this time of year? Normally by this time of year we are having tremendous bouts of rain but we haven’t had any rain to speak off for months……and this is a Rainforest!

Which has created late season forest fires! These fires send smoke over our way, creating very interesting sunsets!

This is the Daredevil. I can always depend on him to be around. I went to visit with Romeo/Juliette but neither were there? Off to the salmon streams I bet. So It was just me and the Daredevil and a ghostly sunset!

The lack of rain has made things very difficult for the salmon. With such low water levels the salmon cannot move up into the river systems. They eventually will die and not spawn. Which means in 4 years time this run will be severely decreased.

It also means that next year there will be fewer bear cubs. The lack of salmon this year has immediate and long lasting effects.

Having said that,Nature is very resilient!


48 thoughts on “GHOST EAGLE

  1. Hi Wayne, a most interesting set of pictures although the cause of the colors is concerning. I hope you are right and nature is resilient. Mankind has proved a rather poor custodian of this planet.

  2. Fantastic shots. This Eagle is anxious for a snack as he enjoys that gorgeous sunset. When I was growing up we lived in Portland, Oregon for a year and we enjoyed watching the salmon travel from the ocean into the Columbia River to span. So many areas have suffered from droughts and caused changes. But nature constantly goes through cycles.

  3. Nature is indeed resilient, Wayne. We never really think of the consequences of weather patterns as to how they affect wildlife. The Daredevil sure puts on a show for you against the smokey skies. It may all change in our areas as a winter blast is on the way this weekend. PS, out on a 90 minute hike yesterday, I heard a sound above me and three bald eagles soared by (out of cell phone lens range ) as if to tell me they were back! I hadn’t seen any lately and I thought of your posts about how they molt and lay low. Awesom images as usual!

  4. Dire predictions, Wayne. I hope they don’t come true. The West Coast needs rain. In Prescott we’ve had record amounts – the most in the state. It’s not enough to take us out of drought status, though. I hope you get rain soon. :)

  5. With the days growing shorter, I’ve dug out our dogs’ glow collars so we can see them in the evening and morning. When I looked at these pictures, I couldn’t help but think that it looked as if the sun was trying to lasso a glow collar around Daredevil so you could see him fly off into the night sky. It’s sobering to think the cost that comes with such a beautiful sunset.

    1. very true Jacquie but you shouldn’t feel sorry for them, they’d all be dead in a few weeks anyways. What you need to be sorry about is the poor run that’ll happen 4 years from now and all the animals that’ll suffer.

  6. That’s a shame about the lack of water – usually you are days and days not going out to shoot due to never-ending rain. I know we think of rain and how it affects our day or ruins our plans. But when you lay it out like you have Wayne, with less salmon down the road, even less bear cubs, it is very sobering.

      1. I was at Sterling State Park today and went there three weeks ago today as well – it’s a new venue for me. Right now we have a 9 1/2 inch rain deficit. The lagoon/marsh on one trail was completely dry. I am not talking about a little pond. This was big – the perimeter trail around the lagoon/marsh is six miles long and at least five miles of it was dry. Amazing to see. Also, a small vernal pool at Humbug Marsh – I stood on the overlook and saw dried up leaves where a pool of water with frogs used to be. Today was 74 degrees, two or three days ago we had 45 degrees and rain/snow mix. I hope Nature is prepared for the fight of its life!

  7. The weather down our way has been strange, and we are finally moving into the rainy season. We were getting smoke from the Cedar Creek fire blowing up our way into mid October.

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