All the Crows look the same to me. The only differences I can see is in their personalities. There is one Crow I have named. I call him Bandit. He will only take a treat from my hand while I’m riding my bike! It’s what he does,It’s his thing I guess.

Crows have very sharp talons but Bandit is always very careful not to hurt me. I had always thought that he takes the treat with his talons but it appears he grabs it with his mouth!

He lives in a section of town I always ride through and I know he is watching for me. When he sees me he will swoop in front of me to tell me “HERE I AM”! I then get his treat ready and ride off knowing he’ll come up from behind me and very gently grab his treat!

Such a cool Crow!


64 thoughts on “BANDIT

  1. Crows are so intelligent. I have the ravens in the north plan and execute an action. Interesting that Bandit will only take his treat when you’re moving. He must feel more secure that way. Great videoing!

  2. So cool – you’ve got him trained! We have two of what I call house crows. They come every day and swipe some food and maybe drink out of our birdbath.

      1. I don’t know if they are male or female but was thinking of naming them after two characters in a story I just published : Marian and Mildred, a couple of very chatty friends.,

    1. When you rewatch it Anne understand this……..this is the first time Bandit has ever seen that selfie stick. He normally flies forward after grabbing his treat but because of the selfie blocking his way his first attempt was aborted. You cannot see him but you can see his shadow. In his first try and realizes there is this “thing” in his way and so he perches on a STOP sign. Then you can see him figuring out what he needs to do and tries a second time!
      Very smart creatures Crows are!

  3. Wow Wayne! That is a great video of Bandit in action. I watched it several times in slow motion to get an understanding of his point of approach. At first it looked like he was coming straight on up from the road to get it but then he pulled back and selected a different angle.

    1. he did come up from the road to get it but quickly realized things were different? I had a selfie stick! He normally grabs his treat and flies straight forward but he couldn’t do that this time as my GoPro was in the way. So he perched on a STOP sign to ponder for a second. On his second try he flared right behind the treat to stall his forward movement and then exited stage right!

  4. That is a smooth swipe if I ever saw one. Bandit was probably salivating looking at that nice treat and came over, very daintily grabbing it and never touched you. He knows what side his bread is buttered as the expression goes!

      1. Maybe because Bandit is young, he has not yet honed his craft of grabbing a treat and don’t forget – you are the only one you likely is giving him a treat to grab!

    1. you know what he does now that I have introduced that selfie stick?……….he flies close enough to knock the treat out of my hand and collects it on the ground. I guess he doesn’t like the GoPro sticking up blocking his path forward?

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