61 thoughts on “SURFACING

      1. Aha you’ve taken echolocation one step beyond. Into Orca-location. Very cool technique Wayne. I’d love to hear them when they blow.

      1. If you had been with me MB, your shots would look very similar! It’s all about making lots of mistakes and learning from them. The person who’s made the most mistakes is usually the one with the best stuff.

      1. Hi Wayne, that is most interesting. I will head over and read the article. Maybe their behavior is changing due to some external factor. The internet says you get sperm, humpback, blue, killer and right whales in Namibian waters. I am hoping we can go on a boat tour to view them.

      2. try and find out what those Orcas eat Robbie?
        We basically have two groups on the west coast,……ones that eat only Chinook salmon and another that eats warm bloodied aquatic critters.
        I bet they are more like the latter.

  1. Amazing to see these very large creatures resting with the vapor mist from the blow-hole as the only thing disturbing the peaceful scene. I’d be awestruck, but also worrying as it got dark with these very large whales in this small area of water.

    1. these creatures are very safe to be around Linda. There has never been a recorded attack on a human on the west coast. You have a far far better chance of being bitten by a dog than harmed by a Orca.

      1. I was thinking more of an Orca not seeing a person on a stand-up paddleboard and knocking against them accidentally. So, if the pod of Orcas sees a boat, they likely go away from the boat then … I guess they could injure themselves as well getting too close to a boat.

      2. Trust me,Orcas see all and know all! They are acutely aware of what’s going on above them and so steer clear of boats and people…….but If you happened to be a furry seal…….you are done like dinner!

      3. This is true – please don’t say a hawk grabbing a squirrel. I hope I never see that happening. The older walker I mentioned sometimes (Arnie) saw that happen and said he felt a little sick as he used to feed them peanuts too. Arnie passed away this year – I hadn’t seen him in awhile but he had foot issues, so figured that was why and saw a friend of his who told me. He was very nice and we liked talking about nature and the birds in the Park.

      4. Yes, he was a good soul Wayne. I miss seeing him on the path. His wife no longer walks there – she did not walk much as she had back problems, so he was usually alone.
        He grew up in a rural area, next to a woods, so he knew a lot about birds and wildflowers, fish. I learned a lot from him as he had walked at Council Point Park for years before me.

        We saw a gray bird one time at the Park. I took pictures of it and looked online – found several photos of what I thought the bird was but wasn’t sure. A few days later, Arnie brought a bird book from home and said it was a “Northern Mockingbird” and he knew that, in addition to the plump body and gray feathers, this bird mimics other birds’ calls and he heard it do that.

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