I was told by a friend that a pod of Orcas (T109’s) were heading down Tofino Inlet! I quickly grabbed my gear and headed out looking for them. It took me 1 1/2 hours to find them and unfortunately by the time I did find them they were in shadow.

I was surprised to see not just one but many paddle boarders paddling out to meet the Orcas as they went past! This spot Is a long ways away from anywhere! I did see a float house off in a cove and understood where they all had come from. Must have been 10 of them.

These Orcas love coming to hunt down Tofino Inlet! I think they had made a kill just when I was arriving? Several were breaching in celebration!

It’s always exciting when they come to visit!

48 thoughts on ““OH LOOK…..THEY DELIVER”!

  1. Hi Wayne, sometimes the timing doesn’t work for good pictures. I had that with both my hyenas feeding on a dead buffalo and a cheetah hunting pictures. But, seeing them is so marvelous the pictures are secondary anyway. How exciting to see orcas like this.

    1. This visit with them was more a scenic shoot than a close up shoot Robbie.
      Yes,I am always so happy to be with them!
      I once had one come up to the surface and speak to me! I believe It was telling to F… Off?

  2. Is this the same pod of Orcas that you’ve photographed in the past Wayne? How did your friend know how to identify them? Perhaps a stupid question, but do they track the Orcas’ whereabouts? I know they don’t tag them, or put sonar devices on them, so they know the pod by the size and amount of Orcas that appear at one time? Because I don’t know how to swim, I am amazed seeing the paddleboarder gliding by and not freaking out.

    1. Yes, these are the same pod I have photographed in the past. My friend drives a whale watching boat and had just come off the water. I met him down in the Co-op grocery store. In casual talk he mentioned this pod was going up the inlet! I hurried home and for 2 hours was in a state of rush rush rush! I was fried by the end of the night!

      1. Thank goodness for meeting up with your friend and getting that tip. So, you and he recognize them from the members of the pod then – “X” number of adults and “X” number of offspring. It is exciting to see them at rest with the blowholes as much as when you’ve shown them breeching.

  3. I’m sure it must be very exciting when the Orcas come to visit. I love how you jump into action when you hear about the arrival of wild visitors. Fun photo.

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