I had full intentions of going out tonight on a evening shoot,but after looking at the lack of clouds,I decided to cancel. I was already down where I keep my boat when this revelation hit me.

“So no pictures for me today” I thought, but then you’ll never guess who dropped in to say hello,…….Robbie! Rita stayed up on a pole. She’s more skittish then Robbie.

It’s always so good when I get to talk to him. He must think I’m nuts and just feels sorry for me. He drops in to make sure I don’t need help finding my way home. Speaking of which, I can call him as I ride home and he will follow me. He will fly with me and the only time I can keep up with him is when I’m going down this long hill!

Ravens just may be the most intelligent animal out there? Their use of tools and being able to figure things out ahead of time is remarkable!

I’m very happy he dropped by!

65 thoughts on “ROBBIE

  1. Ravens are amazing. I have seen three of them make a plan and execute it: two ravens distracted a dog while the third one flew off with his dinner; all three of them re-grouped in a nearby field to enjoy it! They are so smart!

  2. Ravens are definitely very smart. We have many ravens that are always here in the coldest of the winter. They always find food and love all the fast food. Robbie sounds like he loves to race and excel at beating you to the finish line!

  3. Hi Wayne! Nice to have you again! Sorry, WP always decides by itself sending me information emails. I hope you are well, and enjoy the company with all your great real life followers, like this wonderful raven. I am sure they are always around, and taking care for you, like you are doing for them. Best wishes, Michael

    1. Those “Go Away ” birds do sound very smart Robbie! They sound and have the same colouring of our Grey Jays, aka Whiskey Jacks. You do not want to leave your breakfast alone for a second while camping!

      1. Our loeries eat fruit and they guzzle the lot every year. I grew fruit to feed them and they are the fattest loeries in Johannesburg. They are almost pet like, along with my hadedas. My latest baby hadeda lets me get right up close to him.

      2. I had to look up what a hadedas is? They say they are the loudest bird in Africa! A pretty bird too! They’ll get so big from eating your fruit they won’t be able to fly. You’ll have to Uber them around!

      3. Haha, exactly. They are very noisy. Sometimes the family sits on the garage roof and ‘sings’. It is deafening. I am fond of them despite the noise. We’ve had the same family living in our tree for 17 years. Every year we get youngsters in our garden and I have a compost heap for them where they forage for worms.

  4. I watched a program about Ravens on PBS years ago – they are extremely intelligent. You captured a bird’s eye view of Robbie. Very beautiful picture.

  5. So am i! Nice to hear about his visit. Ravens are indeed very smart. I just watched a short on how they raise the ravens for the Tower of London. THey are not wild!

      1. Ha! Reminds me of our family dog. He’d dig out of the yard and I would follow him. He’d wait until I almost caught up to him, then would take off again. He liked exploring!

  6. Robbie definitely has something to Crow about! (Ahem, couldn’t resist the pun.) One of your best ever portraits of Robbie! And he knows it too. Look at that gleam in his eye.

      1. I found this about the Hooded Crow Emma……..In Irish folklore, the bird appears on the shoulder of the dying Cú Chulainn,[26] and could also be a manifestation of the Morrígan, the wife of Tethra, or the Cailleach.[27] This idea has persisted, and the hooded crow is associated with fairies in the Scottish highlands and Ireland; in the 18th century, Scottish shepherds would make offerings to them to keep them from attacking sheep.[28] In Faroese folklore, a maiden would go out on Candlemas morn and throw a stone, then a bone, then a clump of turf at a hooded crow – if it flew over the sea, her husband would be a foreigner; if it landed on a farm or house, she would marry a man from there, but if it stayed put, she would remain unmarried.[29]

  7. Animals are amazing, I do the same thing Wayne, when ever I see them flying around me, or perched on his favorite tree, I just start talking to him as well as the deer that come by. I talk to them and they just stand there looking at me as if trying to figure out what I am really saying :)

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