This is The Daredevil. One of my greatest joys has been getting to know him. Becoming familiar with his movements and his favorite spots to perch. Did you know that each eagle has a hidden escape route through the thick forest? Think of a tunnel but it winds through a forest. I always think of that Star Wars footage of the land speeders racing through the forest. (I actually visited that area btw.)

When a eagle has a fish another eagle can try and take the fish! The chased eagle (If close to it’s escape route?) can fly into the forest knowing when to dart left or right but the pursuing eagle does not know the route and will either give up or most likely crash and burn!

I’ve seen this happen several times. The eagle with a fish seemingly disappears into a solid wall of green,being hotly pursued by a second eagle. Then usually seconds later I hear a loud crashing noise! The crashed eagle cannot take to the air due to the dense packing of trees. So It has to hop along the ground in a desperate fashion! It makes all sorts of noise desperately trying to get off the forest floor! It knows it’s very vulnerable to ground predators and by making so much noise It can attract a nearby ground predator?

and the other eagle being pursued exits the forest tunnel victoriously with it’s prize!


60 thoughts on “DISAPPEARING ACT

    1. shhhhhh,don’t say that too loud Doug as Romeo’s beak might get bent~
      btw,I have to mention that over the years I have joined your blog many times but never bet any posts? I think your computer must think I’m Spam?

      1. I enjoy taking photos of my food. Even though I only eat fish, shrimp, and vegetables. But I am getting weary. Ever since I changed the name, google stopped indexing the blog. And I am too cheap to build my website.

  1. I think George Lucas imagination must have been inspired by an eagle. Sounds like the eagle that crashed and is now stuck on the forest floor is throwing a raptor-rant-um.

  2. That is fascinating, Wayne. Thank you! I can see why the Star Wars chase comes to mind. By the way, please submit that photo of Daredevil to National Geographic. Wow!

    1. not actually……when the salmon spawning happens all the eagles (and bears.cougars,wolves) travel to the stream from their territories. So I do not think visiting eagles know of any forest routes but to be honest because there is usually lots of salmon laying around, nobody gets greedy! So no need to use a forest tunnel even If you knew of one.

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