This juvenile is Ernie and Ethel’s. (Strawberry island) I do not know the sex yet? I’ve found they need to be about one year to be able to tell. This one is being called “Nutmeg”. Thanks to Babsje for coming up with the name.

I name them but to be honest they only hang around for a few months and then they are gone. They may come back in two years time but I’d never be able to tell who it is?

39 thoughts on “INTRODUCING “NUTMEG”

    1. good question Noel,….technically they are always changing colour albeit ever so slightly.
      They finish changing at the 5 year mark when they get their adult plumage.
      The first year eagles have black beaks,which changes in their second year. Their eyes turn from black to yellow as they age as well and at 4 years their tail feathers turn from dark to white.

  1. Nutmeg has the same breathtaking presence as his/her parents! Enjoy this eaglet season. I’m curious what is the impetus the drives them away from where they hatched?

    1. the impetus are the parents ultimately. Normally they will go off on their own from instinct but If they hang around longer than what the parents feel, they will stop them from eating any of their leftovers and If they still hang around the parents will chase them off.
      But I think the vast majority want to get out in the world!

  2. its’ amazing to watch eagles mature over the years, Wayne! What a great front seat you share with us! It was fascinating to learn last year watching “Journey” the eaglet grow right before our eyes, before he fledged early and then moved on after his release. I had never known their eyes start out brown then turn light yellow, as well as their beaks. Must be nature’s way of keeping them camouflaged while they are young and still learning to hunt. Amazing photos of Nutmeg !

    1. Yes, the eyes begin to turn in their second year and are starting to turn light yellow when they are 3.
      I agree, Mother Nature gives them camouflage while they learn their street smarts!

  3. Welcome “Nutmeg” to Wayne’s blog! I hope Nutmeg sticks around. That’s a perfect name for this stage of juvenile eagle. I like the group of pictures, but especially the last one where you would expect those feet to have already left the perch after the wings are so outstretched to take flight.

  4. I love that you name your birds, Wayne. Nutmeg getting ready to take off is such a great shot. It looks like it could be a work of art sitting on a bookcase or a shelf in a museum.

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