The full moon this month is on Thursday. It’s a Sturgeon moon. The name came from the Algonquin tribe. The sturgeon were more easily caught during August. We are closer than normal,so It will be a so called “Supermoon”.

I went out on Sunday hoping to be able to go out on either Monday,Tuesday or Wednesday as well, but the fog had other ideas! I got a few this month.


42 thoughts on “PICTURE PERFECT

    1. thanks for the thoughts Jennie. Realistically I get about 4 times a year to do this. Normally it’s either overcast or just plain bad weather!
      I haven’t mentioned this yet but you may of as well know Jennie. For the last 20 years I’f been watchful during each full moon to see If the moon rises further south than normal?
      Why?……..because Tofino faces northward. I’ve always wanted to get a shot of Tofino with the moon over it!
      Normally one would need to look north and because of that angle you wouldn’t be able to see Tofino due to all the trees.
      So this last moon the moon did come up further south and I finally got a shot of Tofino with the moon over it and bathed in golden light! I do like the shot but would have liked the moon to be lower. It’s too high in the sky for me. I have a idea how I can get that shot on my next try!
      Maybe next month the moon will be rising south again and I can try that idea out!
      It will be my next posting.

      1. I understand what you mean. I think you got a great shot, but you’re the expert. Hey, you have a full moon every month. 🙂 Good luck trying it out next month.

  1. How did you get him to stand still for that shot, most photographers can’t get children to sit that long…lol

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