1. And I was excited a few years back (2018) to get a picture of Parker and me standing close together and our interesting shadows – these are great shots Wayne. I’d have been ecstatic to come home with photos of my shadow and a bear. I called my post “Me and My Shadow” but he was not a huge bear! You two look comfortable together – no worries but you needed a snack too.

      1. You’re right Wayne – I took the picture, not knowing it would look so cute, those perfectly positioned shadows. In this case, you didn’t plan the shadow right? It was a pleasant surprise to see yourself in close proximity to this bear.

    1. not really Terri,Bears and many animals are very calm creatures.
      It’s like reading a dog you’ve never met before. You read the non verbal cues to determine If you can approach?
      I watch the ears…If they lay flat……. get back,If they go up…..two thumbs up!

    1. true,I sometimes loose sight of these realizations Emma! There is just so much consuming me when I’m out on a shoot!
      Great to hear from you and I hope that heat isn’t getting the best of you!

      1. Thank you Wayne – I am in the north of Ireland (that’s like being in Scotland) it doesnt get hot here. We have had a lot of cloud and a fair bit of rain. It’s like normal weather. Aagin, it was one of the reasons I wanted to move here. Not like England where the rest of my family live. There is has been crazily hot and now they are talking about a hose-pipe ban and drought. What’s it like on the west coast?

  2. Oh Wayne, what a lovely series of photos here of your four-legged friend. I love the silhouette in the header photo, beautiful and subtle and powerful. Great photos of your evening together, liked seeing your shadow and of course the beautiful bear. Wonderful to see close up what she was eating, and I’ve never heard of sea asparagus which I found interesting. A real treat here, thank you.

  3. Wayne, that is an amazing picture. I walked with a black bear and her cub across the highway from me in a National Park. It was a scary experience, but she stayed on her side and I stayed on mine. I was glad to reach the next lookout where my husband waited for me in the car.

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