I went to visit with my friend Romeo. He did come over when I called but to be honest he seemed very lethargic. July and August are bad months for getting eagle action shots because they are preparing for or going through molting. Which zaps their energy supply big time!

I do appreciate my friend coming over to say hello even If he felt low in energy!


21 thoughts on “ROMEO

  1. That is a beautiful photo of Romeo against the dark sky! To get an eagle to know you and come when you call is quite an achievement in life! I hope Romeo makes it through molting with the minimum of energy loss.

  2. I know when we had pet birds, they were very lethargic during molting season. Our parakeet, Joey, would stop playing with his toys and no babbling or talking during that time. And Sugar Buddy, our/my canaries, would stop singing and be listless from the first feather loss to the end of molting. We recorded a tape of Sugar singing and would play it to him as he exited the molting phase – that seemed to spur him on to sing again. The Canada Geese are still missing at Council Point Park – they are with their brethren at the Detroit River, gathered together in groups of 50-100, where they’re safe until their flight feathers return.

      1. I went down to the Detroit River early in the Summer one time and there were seagulls all grouped together, far from the shore, all sleeping. It was pretty incredible to see. I never thought about it before, but you don’t see seagulls sitting/resting on the grass like a duck or a goose. Yes, many nice memories – we had a parakeet in Canada too (Skippy) … he had such a great vocabulary thanks to my mom.

  3. Your eagle friends are quite loyal to you Wayne! Even though you didn’t get the shots your wanted Romeo and Daredevil appreciated the effort you made to come for a visit.

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