I decided to do something different this year for Canada Day. I rode my bike along Chesterman’s beach towing my kite behind me. I attached a Canadian flag below the kite! Not only does it look great but also acts like a rudder. It keeps the kite from diving. (which Bat kites are famous for) I also attached a colourful fish windsock!

Now this is where I need to explain something about beaches……they are always windy! Unfortunately for me, the usually breezy beach was very calm. However the speed of my bike was just enough to counter the lack of wind and keep the everything aloft!ย 


49 thoughts on “HAPPY CANADA DAY

    1. Yes,It was Friday Robbie. I recorded this Friday with no intention of posting it on my blog but realized I could the next day.
      Normally I’m behind the lens, so a bit camera shy I guess.

  1. I am smiling, Wayne, at this great adventure of yours. Windy balancing act and so festive. Nice to see what you look like, too. Looks like you had a fun Canada Day.

  2. I’d say that your Canada Day celebration was a success! The kite stayed aloft, you filmed it, and you didn’t go crashing to the ground. I’m sure your Oscar awaits . . .

  3. This is so fun Wayne, nice to see you and pretty good riding on a beach with all of that. Love the cover shot at the top as well. Happy Canada Day to you :)

      1. Thank you Wayne, did you click the bell icon? That is what puts the new videos in your feed section and sometimes you tube doesn’t always put them there if more popular videos are ahead of them. I save my favorite you tube channels in a folder so they are easier to find for me. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      2. Yes, usually there is a box under the description that has the channel name and to the right is a subscribe button and a bell icon. I am looking at your channel now and see it there. I just watched your hummingbird video. We were in Washington and saw my first Rufus hummer. That is what it looks like on your video.

  4. Happy Canada Day and you would definitely get my Oscar vote!!๐Ÿ™‚ On those days you canโ€™t be with your friends on the water, it would be wonderful to see videos of you riding throughout Tofino!๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Totally awesome. I would never have thought of trying that. Nice to have the wide open beach. You are in a beautiful spot. Enjoyed matching the face to the talented photos and nice messages. Be well my friend. – David

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