One of the most common questions I get about eagles is “how can you tell the sex”?

It’s really easy to tell when they are side by side. The eagle that is the largest will be the female. Females are 1/3 larger. All female raptors are larger then the males.

Most of the time when you see an eagle,they are by themselves. So in this case the beak is smaller with the male as well as the head size.

In the above picture Juliette is in the foreground with Romeo in the background.

44 thoughts on “FEMALE MALE?

  1. I’ve been missing seeing your (our) feathered friends, Wayne! I knew that about bald eagles but not about all raptors, after following Journey the eaglet in his 2021 journey. So fascinating and Romeo and Juliet are stunning as usual. Hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

    1. You made we wonder how many eagles they have produced over the years?
      Maybe 2 a year for 15 years……….30? Mortality probably would have taken half of them. So maybe a dozen or so?

  2. There are no transgender raptors I take it! Just the humans have that!!

  3. Show and tell always works well for explaining Wayne and your pictures let us see the difference, since most of us will likely never see one eagle, let alone a mated pair to make the comparison.

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