The best tool a photographer can have is not a camera,It’s observation.

Over the years I’ve noticed something interesting. During the day people will stroll along the beaches with a friend or be out walking their dog. At sunset those numbers increase and everybody stands still. No matter what beach they almost always stand still and just stare at the sunset. Groups will form.

I think It’s primal? We soak up the last of the sunshine before darkness prevails.


57 thoughts on “MESMERIZATION

  1. Hi Wayne, I love this post and commentary. I am a great lover of dawns, probably because I have always been a morning person. I wrote this poem about the dawn:
    Bold Lover

    One sleepy eye opens

    encounters shy dark

    reaches out with tentative fiery caress

    lover shrinks from his touch

    rosy blush ensues


    Emboldened he rises

    pink quickly dissolves

    burnished gold splendour announcing his hot love

    tremulous withdrawal

    by passion’s object


    Clear lust overwhelms her

    fleet footed she runs

    an ethereal figure in a black gown

    giving chase is futile

    she’s slipped away

      1. HI Wayne, it is easier to get up early when it is lovely and warm. Some days during our summer, it is so hot between 11am and 3pm it is almost impossible to get work done.

      2. I do get up around 6 am but to go out to get shots at the beach requires me riding 15 kilometers. I never go out without a good breakfast, so all of this takes lots of planning.
        We do not get uncomfortable heat very often.
        As a species we like moderate (Goldi Loks) temperatures.

  2. Gosh, Wayne, what an incredible photo and observation on your part that enjoying a sunset may be a primal instinct. I think you’re right. As well as just enjoying the beauty and natural color in the sky. And I like your point about observation being a large part of a photographers process. Thanks for the visions of your craft. Marilyn

    1. thank you Noelle! This was my 5 attempt. If I see what looks like a great sunset forming,I ride out to the beach to capture it.
      The other times the sunset just wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be.

    1. I really do think many come to Tofino for the sunsets.
      On the other hand when we do get a great sunset I’ll ask a few of the locals and most admit to never seeing them?
      All life great and small comes from the sun.
      I hope you get a bumper crop Audrey!

  3. I remember being at a slient retreat many many years ago, it was painfully early, and I came across a small group of fellow “inmates” all looking at something…I couldn’t ask what they were looking at so I just looked for myself. It was the sun rising. It was quite wonderful. There are many wonders up in the sky, if only we took the time.

  4. Mother Nature is saying goodnight in a grand way, the same way as she says good morning. Thank goodness for all the people who stop and look at her beauty and wonder. What a powerful, magnificent photo!

  5. Well one day I will find a place to see the sun rise and set without fear of crime while being out in the dark. In the meantime I will see your photos of the lovely Tofino sunsets, nod my head in agreement to your theory and I’ll channel Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up the Sun”.

  6. That photo is superb – the surfer makes it. I may not have noticed the people standing still if it were not in the text – the sort of blend in as they stare at the sun. I think it is primal as you say, but that sunset is stunning, and worth staring at.

    1. thanks Jeff, you do excellent work yourself!
      I was reading your post in 2016 about the upcoming election between Trump and Clinton. Everyone was saying If Trump won they’d move to Canada.
      Forget that,…….If he wins a second time we’ll need a new planet!

  7. Gorgeous image with that tideline, Wayne. Good observation, too. For those who take the time to pause and let nature in, they are rewarded. Thank you!

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