The Bears are emerging from their dens,walking about,scratching their butts and looking for their first cup of joe!

Ok,so maybe not walking about or searching for a cup of joe but defiantly scratching their butts!

I went out searching for some and was surprised to actually find one, as it was high tide and they prefer low tide. At Low tide they can overturn the rocks and get all the baby crabs! They eat hundreds a day! I think the reason why our Coastal bears all have such shiny coats is because of this daily crab diet!

So, I found this adult female in Dawley pass near the south end of Fortune channel. She doesn’t know me,so I kept my distance. It’s when the ears flatten that you know a bear is getting anxious.

I did see a second bear but it was too far away and I couldn’t get closer.


51 thoughts on “FIRST BOO BOO

  1. I hope they have a better year this time. Too many got into trouble around Tofino last summer, as I recall. Maybe the “heat dome” meant less food, so they went foraging close to humans. Never a good idea.

    1. We have affected the environment so much that many species are being impacted by low food source. So they naturally look around,which means some of them will come into town. We just had more then normal last year.

      1. sort of,I need to see the eyes, which means It has to look at me. The Bears that know me are harder to take pictures of because they do not look at me but they do not run away.

    1. Yes,she looks pretty good Emma! I think those baby crab help in that? They make the coats shine. I saw a bear last Fall that had the blackest fur I’ve ever seen! It was like looking into a black hole!

  2. Good looking bear…excellent, crisp shots. Wondering how close you are, Wayne? Assume they are more interested in foraging than worrying about you.

  3. I have always liked bears and last year we had lots more sightings of bears in the Okanagan. My son loves them and it was his dream even at a young age to go up around Prince Rupert to see the spirit bears. We both enjoy your bear photos.

    1. the Komodo bear is an interesting subspecies of the black bear. There are 16 subspecies of Black Bear in North America with 5 being found in BC.
      However,I would suggest that the Vancouver island black bear is a unique subspecies and should be added to make it 6 subspecies of black bear in BC. They look different then their mainland cousins. They have a blacker nose/mouth area. Where as their cousins on the mainland have more of a brown colour.
      They estimate that there are around 15000 black bears in BC.
      Have you both been up to see a Komodo yet?

      1. I have made a few trips that were work related to Prince Rupert – a long time ago. Unfortunately no trips yet up to see a komodo. Have you?

  4. Funny, just before you mentioned the Coastal bears dining on seafood and having shiny coats, I had thought that first picture the bear’s fur was extra shiny. This bear posed with mouth open and closed – you must’ve made an impression on her.

      1. Well let’s hope it turns into a long-time favorable relationship like Peggy and Piglet … I hope you run into them one day as I enjoyed those pictures and stories.

      2. Piglet is old enough now to have her own cubs. She said bye to her mother 5 years ago. If I come across Piglet and she has a cub,she most likely will not be afraid of me. The new cub becomes familiar with me and will eventually repeat the cycle.

      3. That’s right – it was Piglet II I “met” through your blog. I have only been following you since January 2018. I hope you see Piglet if she is with a cub(s).

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