When I come around from behind a specific island,Romeo can see me and almost always flies out to greet me and then we both travel to our meeting spot. We play this little game,to see who can get there first?……and of course, ……he always beats me! To make it worse he’s only soaring,no flapping!

On this occasion that’s exactly what he did,but on the way over he spotted another eagle flying towards his nest area ! He veered away immediately from me and went straight towards this interloper! He escorted this eagle to the other side of his territory! Eagles are constantly doing this each day. It’s very common.

This is how a eagle will find out if a territory is up for grabs or not. They trespass to see who’s home or If anybody is home to begin with? This is why a eagles offspring will always come back to their home to see if mum and dad are still kicking it?

So after escorting the interloper to the egress ,Romeo flew back to me,but because I was already there I was able to get a few shots of him arriving!

Once perched he began to scream loudly! Which I assume was a message for the interloper! Romeo was saying “TAKE A HIKE MIKE AND JUST KEEP GOING IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YA”!

When you see a eagle going vertical to vocalize , it’s a serious calling position!


45 thoughts on “TAKE A HIKE MIKE

  1. You craft the BEST post titles, Wayne. And amazing images of Romeo. At first, I thought he was yawning or yodeling! Screaming like a banshee to protect his home and mate and nest is such a primal behavior for any wild creature. Lucky you for the capture!

  2. Incredible picture Wayne! You can almost see the air wavering with his scream. I believe Romeo’s technique is more effective than a “No Trespassers Allowed” sign. About how large is an eagle’s territory?

    1. Thank you Beth!
      I do not know that Beth but suspect it’s a reflection of how populated a given area is?
      Not many eagles, would mean a larger area but in a crowed area I suspect a smaller territory?

    1. I’ve seen him ward off interlopers many times! I’ve seen him take off with his wing beat being much faster! Which tells me he’s on a mission to ward off something but It’s so far away I cannot even see it!

      1. You are welcome, Wayne. Yes, it must be breathtaking. Thank goodness you photograph this, it means a lot to see eagles through your lens.

  3. Wow! I’ve never seen that before. I take it he was vocalizing to the other eagle, since you seem to be a favored guest! Amazing that he comes out to see you!

  4. Your photography and stories of these amazing creatures consistently bring huge smiles to my face, Wayne. Must be cool to watch them defend their territory, but even more so to see Romeo spot you and fly along with you. Eagles are the best.
    The eagle pair that I got to see all last spring and summer via Facebook moved their nest this year. We have to believe that Journey the eaglet, who had fledged early and was eventually re-released, is thriving. Diana will get shots of the eagle pair visiting the old nest but for sure now they are taking care of another eaglet and adding another glorious eagle to the world.

  5. Hi Wayne, this are excellent shots as always. I learned some new information about eagles too. Thank you. You would have loved my latest mini-break venue. I got some great shots (by my standards) of lions, giraffes and elephants, as well as a few other animals. I thought of you.

  6. I love the stories with the photos Wayne. If you give a presentation of your photos locally, please include the stories. They are the whipping cream to your delicious hot chocolate.

  7. I so enjoyed hearing about the intimacy of your friendship with Romeo and your game, Wayne. I find it one of the most glorious aspects of being familiar with our wild friends, having interactions with them. And your photos are truly spectacular. When I came to this page just now, I gasped when I saw the first photo, so incredibly breathtaking with that diagonal capture. Cheers to you, Wayne.

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