64 thoughts on “ABOUT FACE

  1. In the top photo, I love that forward wing, how the tips are curved and splayed out and the way you’ve captured his face – just barely peeking over his wing is perfect. It’s a little coy move, like a woman glancing back over one shoulder at the camera. Lovely subtle touch to this image.

    And the third image shows Romeo channeling his inner Daredevil in an acrobatic move. Great photos, all four Wayne.

    1. no offence meant Jacquie,but why would a eagle want KD when they can have salmon?
      When was the last time you ever heard of a eagle taking a cat…for real and not some made up internet stuff. They don’t do stuff like that.

  2. Amazing photos! I love how youโ€™re able to capture clear shots of him when heโ€™s moving so fast. Iโ€™ve seen hawks do this maneuver, but I think seeing a bald eagle do it (and photograph it!) is even more amazing.

  3. Spectacular captures Wayne! Eagles are so special and it pains me to to hear that some people kill them. Iโ€™ve had a few close encounters that always make my heart skip a beat. Iโ€™m so glad you share your encounters with us! ๐Ÿฆ…

      1. Really sad! I know of a rancher near the Canadian border who hates eagles because they allegedly kill her calfs. One would think that the eagles would have easier ways to procure food. Iโ€™m glad Romeo has a safe environment to roam in!

      2. considering a new born calf weighs in between 65 and 90 pounds and an eagle weighs in at 9 pounds for the male and 14 pounds for the female I find it hard to believe. If the calf fell over it could crush the eagle.
        This individual has a grudge against eagles for some reason?

      3. I donโ€™t know this person personally, only through stories from her friend. Why anyone would hate eagles is beyond me. Fortunately Iโ€™ll most likely never have to meet her. People are strange ad getting stranger all the time!

  4. I like that expression, which I’ve never heard before “turn on a dime and give you change back” … these are some incredible moves by Romeo (even if they can’t rival the sideways antics of the Daredevil) and I especially like the “landing gear down and ready to land” shot, though maybe the landing gear and talons are ready to snatch a fish for a snack.

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