46 thoughts on “LUNCH TIME

  1. Wayne… Found your website I haven’t seen you for a couple of years this is Jim Sackmann I am planning on being in Tofino for the summer again this year and hope to get a chance to see you again… Nice to see your businesses flourishing I wish you well… Pencove@yahoo.com

  2. Adorable photos Wayne. She looks happy as a clam as the saying goes … Well happier than the clam she is holding that is. Is it true that Otters carry a stone/pebble tucked in an arm so they can open shellfish?

      1. I adore seeing the Otter mom floating on their backs while ferrying babies snuggled on their bellies. Curious beings indeed.

    1. They find a rock on the bottom and come back up to the surface. They use their tummy as a table to smack the shell open with that rock. If they like that particular rock they keep it under their arm pit. There’s a flap of skin there they can store the stone, like a pocket!

  3. Loved this, Wayne. While on a boat tour in Alaska off the Kenai peminsula, I was told that otters will frequently bring up octopi and eat them while floating on their backs. Darned if I didn’t look aft and saw an otter on its back eating an orange octopus. Everyone else missed it!

    1. Yes and yes I do believe she does. He grabs her with a bite to the back of the neck. Not to hurt,just to secure. I suspect If that doesn’t work he will grab her by the nose?
      I remember seeing two of the mating and tried to sneak around some rocks to get some shots but when she saw me (he didn’t) she turned around and bite him so as to be able to flee!

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