There are 365 days in each year and given that you will live to the ripe age of 80 years,this means you would have lived 29,200 days. If you could some how photograph the same spot each day at sunset for your entire life,you would see that no two sunsets are the same. A sunset is like a thumb print,each is unique. Now that doesn’t mean that each sunset could be called “beautiful”. After all beauty is in the eye of the observer.

Personally, for me clouds are very important. They colour the background,like wallpaper. A good picture should be layered with foreground,mid-ground and background. The foreground works best to invite the observer in to explore.


50 thoughts on “ROMEO’S WORLD

    1. I realized something this morning as I was waking up Hedy. Todays date is 2022,02/22
      At 2:22/22 seconds pm take a picture of something that has two in it!
      Could be two people waking along a beach holding hands, or two dogs playing but todays theme is two.
      How’s that for a photographic challenge.

  1. Wonderful photos and excellent observations about foreground, middleground, and background. Well said. Your passion for your Eagle friend Romeo and the world you two share shines through.

      1. Agreed. Also, your writings reminded me a bit of Wilson Bentley (aka “Snowflake” Bentley) who brilliantly imaged snowflakes back in his day. Like Bentley’s snowflakes, no two of your sunset skies are the same. And as I’ve oven said about my days with the Herons, no two days at the lake are the same. Never tire of capturing and sharing your sublime sunsets, Wayne!

      2. Today is my daughter’s birthday. I have many fond memories of her singing that song when she was around 6 or 7 years old. So very very sweet in that childish voice.

  2. You live in some beautiful country, Wayne. Those copper sunsets make a great backdrop, especially with a dark foreground. You are right, no two sunsets, or sunrises, are alike.

  3. Hi Wayne Beautiful pictures 💞. Your comment about clouds is so true. On Friday it rained at the game reserve we visited and the sunset was amazing as well as the sunrise on Saturday. It dried out and the clouds passed and Saturday’s sunset was nowhere as magnificent, nor was Sunday’s sunrise.

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