I went to visit my fine feathered friend,The Daredevil. He flew out to escort me. It was at this time I had to make a critical decision! Before I left harbour a friend told me about Orca’s being spotted close by for the last two days! So, I could go looking for them but that would mean no time to visit with my friend and there was a good chance I’d come up empty handed, as Orca’s are notorious for not hanging around!

So I decided, a bird in the hand is worth two Orca’s in the water! He was great fun tonight! There wasn’t much of a prevailing wind from the west. So he easily caught me! Once he catches me he kind of hovers like a huge Hummingbird looking goofy!

It was so good to visit with my friend and I didn’t hear about any orca’s being around.


56 thoughts on “MY FRIEND

  1. Marvellous pictures of Mr. Daredevil, Wayne. He’s a star!
    Today around noon there were at least 7, and maybe 8 or 9 bald eagles soaring in circles over Oak Bay and Saanich here in Victoria. I’ve never seen that many together in a group. Two of them were a lot bigger than the others, but they all had the white heads and tails. I could hear them talking. Really cool.

  2. The pics are incredible, Wayne, you capture the Daredevil’s special personality perfectly! So amazing he seeks you out and hangs around with you for a bit. The details are amazing, in fact, I’m going to refer to your close-up when I paint my brand new totem pole…more about that on my blog! I bought a 6-foot unfinished totem–bird on top and bear at bottom. I’m going to paint then in the native tradition but really emphasize the bald eagle. Super excited! Have a great day!

  3. Wayne – I loved this line: “a bird in the hand is worth two Orca’s in the water!” Glad you decided to visit an old friend instead and you got up close and personal with The Daredevil and got some great photos and a video. He sure was patient while you made the video while flapping his wings to stay close for you to take the video and still shots.

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