26 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

  1. Your lead image is amazing – possibly your best ever acrobatic Daredevil because of the way his ruffled feathers reveal the impact of his air speed and/or wind strength. You can see it in his thighs and head the best. He was really moving when you took this shot! Excellent camera work on your part and excellent acrobatic flying by The Daredevil. Win-win.

    1. Thanks Babsje and your right,he was coming down at mack speed! Next time that happens I will try to use my big lens to capture that?
      You should hear the sound as well btw…..a very foreign alien sound!

      1. Ha ha – I have a lot of failed shots … sometimes a morning at the Park, especially in the cold or it’s a very gray day, I come home with alot of shots with squirrel tails only.

  2. I feel that I am getting to know all these beautiful birds from your photos and their names. You are so blessed to be at a place to see such beautiful scenery along with the wildlife. Always enjoy seeing these photos. Thank you Wayne. :)

    1. Getting to “know” them is my main objective Sandra and thank you for mentioning that!
      What I feel is far more than what a picture can convey. I do feel very lucky to have stumbled upon this place and I will never leave.

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