41 thoughts on “A COOL SELFIE

  1. It makes me shiver to imagine that cold weather… Here in Southern Bavaria it’s much to warm for winter time…
    I wish you a happy new year! Stay safe and healthy!

      1. Not for a long time – decades! Anyway, you’re welcome, Wayne. You capture animals in their natural habitat, and anyone who’s taken photos of these subjects knows how difficult it can be, even with the best of professional equipment.

  2. You have to love an eagle with a sense of humor that photo bombs your selfie:) Happy New Year Wayne! May the new year be filled with many encounters with old and new friends alike.

    1. I dress very warm but It’s the toes and fingers that tingle a bit. I have no windshield on my boat and because I’m sitting the circulation isn’t as good as If I was walking or riding my bike. Hanging onto a metal camera is interesting. When my nose drips hits the camera and freezes right away ,you know It’s getting cold outside!

      1. That may have been before I started following you around this time in January 2018. I had a selfie in a window down at the River. It is a mirrored window – perfect, but the mirrored window makes the flash go off, not matter if it’s sunny or not and all you see is the flash. I got some shadow selfies recently, by myself though, not next to my little buddy.

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