Cats Face is the name of a local mountain. It gets it’s name from a mica deposit that flashes like cats eyes when the sun hits it just right.

Last night we got a rare dumping of snow! One thing I’ve learned over the years is that If you want to get pictures of snow, you have to do it in the morning because it’ll be gone by sunset!

So I got up this morning at 6 am and headed out in the dark riding my bike on roads that resembled a skating rink! (I ended up walking more then riding)

Because there were zero clouds I knew the first light to come would be pink. It lasts just minutes! It’s the most delicate colour to shoot and yes very fleeting.

There is a low grade cooper ore deposit in Cats Face. Plans were made at one time to shear the top of this mountain off to make a open pit mine. Once word got out about this everybody shouted a loud “NO”! Since then I haven’t heard anymore about this proposal? Which is fine by me!


27 thoughts on “A PINK CATS FACE

  1. You are a dedicated photographer absolutely, riding a bike on the slippery roads to catch the fleeting (great word) dawn rays. I totally notice how the light changes the look of the mountains here especially when they are covered with snow. When we have our bright winter light in mid afternoon it catches the mountains just right so they seem to glow. Happy New Year.

    1. more fool hardy then dedicated David! I’ve decided to get bike tires with studs in them! I’ll probably only use them a few days each year but on those days they’ll be worth their wait in gold!

  2. What a sight! No need to slice it!
    It was a great sunrise this morning – we were riding up alongside Sproat Lake from Snow Creek as the sun rose, very pretty. Very cold too!

  3. That is a beautiful mountain. I am glad you were all able to fend off the open pit mining of it.

    We got snow down here starting last Saturday night. A bit of melting in between, but got some fresh coverings daily except today. We might get a little more snow tonight, then return to rain.

  4. Thank goodness the pristine beauty is not marred by mining … that would be a shame. Are you still getting snow there in BC? I have now heard about your weather on my news station?

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