90 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS

      1. I find just riding around keeps me warm all the time. It’s when I go out in the boat I tend to get cold. No movement and no windshield will chill me! I bet the inlet is frozen in spots!

      2. yes,I have pictures of Gulls walking along the ice. Down in front of Barryman where Kennedy spills out. The fresh doesn’t mix very well at cold temperatures and so with no wind will begin to congeal.

      1. You’re kidding! Wow – is the second year in a row or was that two years ago you got all the snow? I hope you made Shortie a little place inside to hunker down and put his feeder inside too. We had a beautiful day today – 40 degrees and sunny, but getting slammed with freezing rain tonight and maybe next few days.

      2. That’s incredible – our sleet and snow has melted as it got to the 40s, but we have the same thing the next two days and something similar on Saturday. Well you’ll get some pictures for sure then!

      1. Yes, Lavinia Ross notes they had lots of snow in Oregon as well, and I know my sister in Seattle is dealing with a lot herself. Less snow for my end of the front!

      2. you mean “how does it affect my fingers”?
        It means when I go out I need to dress really warmly as I have no windshield!
        It also means If I go down the inlet I need to watch for ice! Ice would rip right through the boat but fortunately the surface has a distinct lustre!

      3. Glad to know things are fine for your work, Wayne! Having been a UIS motion picture photographer in the US Army in the early 1970’s, I know about that finger business! I was wondering mostly about the boating part since I have no sense of how far you have to travel by boat over what kinds of water.

      4. I think of a heroic figure, wind and wave tossed, struggling against nature to capture nature in his camera! At any rate, Wayne, the results always are worth the effort!

  1. A belated Merry Christmas here, Wayne. Hope your holiday season is peaceful and joyful. I am certainly enjoying these beautiful photos of your animal friends and scenery!

    1. My life is always quiet Lavinia! Not even a pet. I always envy you having so many critters about! How many cats do you have and what are their names? I do love cats and of course dogs! You have other animals at your home I think?
      Very happy you enjoyed the shots Lavinia!

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