I heard from a friend that a raft of two hundred Sea Otters was around! I went out looking for it but couldn’t find them? They like to raft up in a kelp bed.

I did find the Cape Ann coming in from a exercise. This boat is designed to be able to roll. All the men are strapped into their seats and the hatches are sealed when they go out into rough weather.

30 thoughts on “THE CAPE ANN

  1. Hmm – and what sweet Sea Otter doesn’t like a photo op? I think they are cute. That is interesting how they guarantee the passengers/Captain don’t go airborne is the boat starts to rock and roll in dangerous water, but is it a danger to be strapped in if they smashed into something and took on water and they could get unbuckled?

      1. That’s good – people are stupid here sometimes and go out in storms. A couple were walking on the pier of a Lake Michigan lighthouse and the water came up and whisked them into the water – he survived, she did not. It’s happened several times.

    1. She seems fine,not sure about the rest?
      I’ll be sending a e-card this week and find out more? I’m curious what they found on her tablet she was using to record the landing?
      Thank you for asking Emma!

      1. That’s interesting that she was recording the landing, but it does mean that she will have recorded the cause (that could have happened out of shot). I am glad she is OK.

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