29 thoughts on “NEW FAMILY!

  1. What remarkable photos of the four Trumpeters! And look at the teensy tiny birds that are absolutely dwarfed by the gigantic Trumpeters. You must be pleased to find them. Hope they winter over there so you can observe those Cygnets growing.

      1. Yes, I’ll be posting soon on our Tundras that just arrived in past few weeks, with more to come! We do have Trumpeters show up on the Chesapeake Bay, but they hang in remote areas, usually difficult to get a chance to see them.

  2. The cygnets are almost as big as their parents – I wouldn’t have known the difference except they still have their gray plumage. The second picture, the swan in the middle has its neck straight out, the others have a little crick in their neck as they prepare to take off.

      1. That’s interesting. I only saw that one cygnet and it was not young, riding the waves with its parents and it was gray looking. Amazing that only the wings are white!

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