We’ve been having rain for so long now I forget when we had a good sunset?

There is a meterological scenario I always watch for! It’s almost overcast conditions but there is a thin opening to the west. The sun will peek under this cloud layer (which acts like a huge ceiling) and light everything up! The dark background forces the foreground forward in an almost 3D manner.

Of course, when you have a fine feathered friend like Romeo It’s icing to the cake!

56 thoughts on “ROMEO ARRIVING

  1. Doing that is a very good idea! My eyes have never been good enough to do that, myself, the screen is too small, but I’ve tried. Glad it works for you!

      1. The weather is frightful these days – we have had solid rain since 3:00 p.m. and 40 mph winds tomorrow – I hold my breath and cross my fingers that the power does not go out.

      2. I do have a flashlight next to my bed after I lost power during a storm overnight a few years ago. I keep my alarm clocks in the kitchen and have for years, so I have to get up and answer them. They are 15 minutes apart. Anyway, I turned on the bedroom light – no power. It was 5:00 a.m., pitch dark and I could not find the peeping alarm which continued going off and I ended up in the living room (the other end of the house)!

      3. No, I don’t have any candles (not even holders) in the house right now. I have a couple of lanterns that run four or six D batteries and that sheds a lot of light. I have also bought a headlamp from Amazon, but not used it yet.

      4. Your power doesn’t go out as often as ours. I always have flashlights and candles standing by.
        I find the Tea lights do not give me a headache after awhile as normal candles do. I think it’s because they send up less soot?

      5. That could be as tea lights are usually embedded in a container. I have my emergency supplies in a cupboard, so if I have to get to them, I have the flashlight to guide me. But they are in a cupboard in my mother’s bedroom and stuff is in front of that cupboard (which would be a pain). I usually do leave the lanterns and extra flashlights and headlamp out all Summer, especially this last Summer as we had so many bad storms. The lanterns give off a lot of light and run on “D” batteries.

      6. Well enough to last until April as I bought for six months … it came in handy at the beginning of the pandemic. I didn’t have to shop for myself … just get peanuts for my little buddies.

  2. Absolutely a photographer’s dream to not just catch the light like this but to capture Romeo doing his thing! He loves the light too, Wayne! I will consider this a birthday present to me today (Big 6-2), LOL, since I’m reading on 12/4 :)

  3. What incredible light! You really must have to plan ahead as you not only have to watch the weather you have to get to the right spot in your boat and have Romeo turn up too!

    1. you are 100% correct Emma! I do not get these shots by chance. You wouldn’t believe how much planning and figuring out it takes.
      I enjoy trying to predict the outcome and so be at the right spot at the right time!

      1. I can believe how much planning it takes, Wayne. I am rather obsessed by weather forcasts (they are rarely right in mecurial Donegal) and lovely light always appears when I have left my camera at home and it clouds over when I have it.

      2. You make me laugh! We forever look at the weather forcasts and then marvel at the rain showers (when sun was forecast) and sunshine (when showers were forcast). The weather is famously very changeable. It helps you cope with the crazy wind and rain, the thought that the sun might come out again in 20 minutes, you never know!

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