28 thoughts on “CLOAK AND SHADOW

    1. They are like people really…….some like us,some do not. The ones that like us do not flee,so we can get closer shots of them. Thats my secret to getting close up shots of all wildlife,I get to know them and they more importantly get to know me.

  1. Ah, this poor chap seems frightened to death and is hiding as best he can, eh? It’s a great shot, Wayne. I really like it. Wonder if he is the offspring of Juliette or Delilah? Was the shot taken in either of their territories (or I should say close to the territories)?

  2. She is also quite gorgeous, Wayne. My neighbor with the eagles nest in her backyard posts updates daily, and she shared pics of Mom and Pop eagle chasing off an intruder, of course, with pics of the intruder. This eagle couple owns this area of Lake Spokane–so cool.

      1. Oh she does, Wayne. She has a whole Facebook page dedicated to them: Blue Bell Court Eagles. Truly fascinating and her pics are incredible! I’ve been to her home and she’s invited me back when they start the nesting process soon. Very exciting!

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