23 thoughts on “A GROUNDED ROMEO

    1. I now have come to believe that Maggie passed Linda. The eagle there now acts like she doesn’t know me? Maggie would always fly out to greet me!
      She left to go to the salmon streams a year ago and never came back! The same thing happened to Delilah.
      Eagles personalities do not change that dramatically, so It has to be a different eagle!
      Meaning she must have passed on that salmon season.

      1. That’s sad – you are right, she would come to see you. I remember you had pictures of Maggie walking kind of stiff-legged in the flats and that sticks in my mind.

      2. I miss her,she always was such a cheery bird!
        I sometimes look through my shots and come across her out on the mudflats! It always makes me smile! We had such great fun together!

      3. Yes, that is how I remember her since I started following you early in 2018. She was walking along – I don’t remember her in the air, just on the mudflats. One time I think you said she was dancing.

      4. I remember you saying that in your posts – poor Maggie. It’s like when I lost Grady. I could not get over him, that sweet boy begging, always following me around and popping up whenever I turned around. I still feel badly about him, the others too, but Grady most of all.

      5. Grady was a character wasn’t he! You got to know him and got some excellent pictures too! So he he never truly be gone until you pass yourself Linda. He may even meet you at that so called Rainbow bridge!

      6. Yes, he was and gave me a lot of happiness seeing him every day. The heartbreak of how we disappeared will live with me forever. I like your theory though Wayne and yes, I’d better take peanuts with me as he will surely be begging again once I cross over.

  1. Stunning photos as always, Wayne. How are things in your neck of the woods? We have been reading about the terrible floods in Vancover, BC, which isnt too far from you, I believe. You certainly must have had a crazy amount of rain, even if you escaped flooding.

      1. I understand dressing for the rain a lot better now I live in Donegal – I have owned a pair of waterproof trousers for years and never worn them. Here I regularly wear them. Useful bit of kit, along with my puffer jacket and wool hat. The boat helps with the threat of flood, a little, I hope!

      2. My mother used to say “No such thing as bad weather, only badly dressed people”!
        The “Tofino Tuxedo” attire comes with top and bottom.
        I hope you are getting around “right as rain” by now Emma!

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