Many of you will remember me talking about how the last few years the salmon runs have been poor. It now appears to have gotten “real”!

It was reported on the news last night (Provincially) that 12 bears have been shot in the Tofino and Ucluelet areas! The link says 11 but you can add another one to that total!

Nobody spends more time with Bears than me.This is what I suspect is going on…………Bears need to store up on fat reserves before they den. If a bear does not get enough “fat” built up,they can die during denning?

Because the streams have been bad for the last three years in a row,”I suspect” they have started looking elsewhere? Which means some of them have migrated into our small towns in search of food. Human food has a high fat content!

Conservation Officers have never seen such a high number of bears coming into both towns before? Twelve of them had to be shot as a result!

So because humans have raped the oceans by overfishing,one of the side effects of poor salmon runs is that bears are being shot dead!

We take their food,…….they go looking for other food …….and we greet them with a 12 gauge.

My furry friends do not understand what is going on? All they want to do is get something to eat before they go to bed. This makes me profoundly sad to report this.

74 thoughts on “BEARS SHOT

  1. Fantastic photo of the Bear with a large fish – great capture by you, Wayne, and great capture by the Bear. I think you’re correct about the bears moving on to human food because of the paltry Salmon runs, which are in turn caused by overfishing. Today’s news also reported a new study looking into the role of logging in salmon and trout declines:

    1. Actually, Wayne, the more I think about the study at the link I posted, the more I wonder “who” is funding that research? Is it possible the commercial fishing industry has an interest in deflecting or minimizing their role in driving Salmon towards extinction? And so a study pointing the finger at logging would be convenient for them? I think it is tragic that the bears are being killed and not tranquilized and relocated. It is heartbreaking.

      1. Unknown Babsje? To any given problem it’s rarely one single reason. In this case It’s a combination of over fishing, bad logging practices and pollutants.
        I’m sure warmer oceans are not helping as well!

      2. Thanks for this Wayne. Would you say then that the root cause – whether overfishing, logging and even climate change – boils down to humans and their greed and stupid ignorance?

      3. This post of yours is so heartfelt. And I don’t want to say that we’re “doomed” by greed and stupidity, but it surely is an uphill climb if future generations are to have any chance. Generations of Bears, of Salmon, and of humans.

      4. thank you Babsje,when I heard so many bears had been shot (and more to come) I had to say something! This is wrong and unfair to my furry friends. They didn’t do anything wrong but they are paying for “our” mistakes!

      5. You’re welcome. Is there no way to persuade the powers that be to relocate the bears? The COs seem pretty resolute but is there no way a phone or email or petition signed by locals could be used to change their determination to euthanize? Would public outcry help? School children proclaiming no more killing our bears? How hard would it have been to relocate 12 bears? Are the indigenous peoples empowered to prevent bear shooting? Are there any sympathetic voices in the media? Grasping at straws here…Poor bears.

      6. Well that was interesting Babsje! Not sure what to think about all of that?
        I still say the DFO needs to reduce the number of salmon being taken! Whether they are wild or hatchery doesn’t matter ,just do not harvest as many! You know the whining that’ll come from that! Commercial fishers and Sports anglers will be up in arms! If you don’t put a collar on them they’ll fish it down to the last salmon!

      7. Thanks Wayne glad you thought so. I wonder if adopting that practice could help improve the Salmon decline in modern times, too.

    2. Ye,Babsje logging has affected streams in the past. Once the trees are taken from a slope, the soils are unprotected from our high rain events!
      All that soil washes down into the stream. The soil covers the salmon eggs. Salmon eggs have a semi-permeable shell that allows oxygen through. Once these eggs are covered the egg dies due to no oxygen.
      They asphyxiate.

  2. So many of us humans are shortsighted and stupid. Look at the types we hire to run the country and the admiration that people like Jeff Bezos get. And I won’t start about the cov-idiots who think they’re important enough for micro-tracking. Make no wonder the poor bears are starving.

  3. It is sooo sad! The same thing is happening in the lower mainland as we build higher and higher up into the mountain areas and onto the land they have used for so many years. They get hungry, come looking for food, and then get shot for being a nuisance :(

    1. We sterilize our environment of all predators.Cougars,Bears,Wolves and this allows the Deer to flourish! Until one of them stomps somebodies dog that is trying to harm them and then of course we have to shoot Bambi as well.

  4. Disgusting human behaviour. I saw a video of a woman blatantly feeding bears and videotaping it in her yard, actually going and buying crates of food. The wildlife people charged her in the tens of thousands. and the bear still died because it was so habituated to people. People need to listen and stop feeding their egos because they can get closer to wildlife. They don’t change anything-a fed bear is still a dead bear.

  5. A “like” for the beautiful bear carrying his salmon he caught proudly. I like the photo very much. But this post is not about a photo – it’s about an atrocity. How sad that we have plundered the water to feed our faces and the fishermen to pad their wallets, yet have such little regard for the creatures who depend on those fish to survive. Look at what you’ve told us in the past about the whales that are malnourished and their heads are malformed now as a result – humans take, take, take and don’t give back. I wish there was a way these bears found too close to cities could be tranquilized and taken to a place where they can access food readily and live out their days as they should and not in fear that their lives will end after looking down the barrel of a shotgun.

    1. remember that when you move animals into another environment it is not familiar with anything. It doesn’t know where the salmon streams are or where anything else is, so It tries to find its way back to familiarity.
      If it doesn’t find home turf It knows It could die!
      If Its a habituated garbage bear It’ll just get into someones else garbage somewhere anyways.
      We push the problem somewhere else, but the actual problem is not the bear,It’s us.

      1. We humans are “nothing special” – well you could create a preserve to put the bears in, where they are situated near a stream, stock the stream, provide them a way to get food and try to recreate the environment they had before – sadly this was a cop out. I hope climate change will not continue to wreak havoc with the environment and what it has to offer.

      2. we call those Zoos but I suspect you envision something just a tad larger.
        Don’t worry,even If you put rare animals in that zone they would get poached sooner or later. If theres money in it,they’ll be gone quick enough!

      3. I was thinking of a natural preserve of some type … too bad a billionaire could not take some of his $$ and create such a safe haven, but no – not a zoo or cages, the freedom to roam without human predators.

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