30 thoughts on “WHO’S THE NEW GUY?

    1. absolutely! I try not to disturb them. They are use to boats going past but If a boat stops thats when they freak out and dive into the water.
      So I do the old Tofino drive by technique! I drive past but not at full speed but the point is I do not stop.
      They just look at me wondering what I’m doing?

      1. This is my technique with birding and boating too! Can’t wait until next spring to put our boat back in the water to venture the smaller, remote waterways for wildlife.

    1. They’ve all come for the salmon festival! They park their butts on Rankin rocks so they can relax and lay in the sun! When they are hungry they swim upstream to grab a bite! In tight quarters like that they always get a salmon! The salmon have no where to run with these guys,a bear yes,but not these guys!

      1. Well they look pretty content up there and the look they give you is like “don’t you wish you were up here lazing about and living a life of Riley too?”

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