1. The expression on his face in the first image is riveting – his beak slightly open and his eye’s focus so clearly concentrating – it almost looks as though his brow is furrowed. And the brown color palette is gorgeous. Excellent captures, Wayne.

  2. This past week we had a bit of afternoon excitement at our house. My youngest was out back practicing soccer while I was working on the porch. She ran up yelling, “Mom, two eagles just flew over!” Sure enough a pair was circling the soybean field and pasture. The sun glistening off the white of their heads and tails. We watched them fly in tandem for about 5 minutes before they caught an updraft and were gone from sight. We on occasion will see one eagle (usually in the fall sitting in the oak trees hunting squirrels) but never two together. What a treat! All Your pictures of Romeo and Daredevil have given me a much better idea of what they must have looked like up close as they flew.

    1. Most of made your little girl excited!
      Tell her they were travelling. A eagle is a large bird requiring large amounts of energy (food). To reduce the amount the energy usage ,they use fields as elevators.
      A eagle has huge wings and so are perfect gliders! The open fields attract sunlight which creates thermals(elevators). They take the elevator to the top and glide towards their destination using very little energy!
      A eagle may go through dozens of these elevators each day when they are migrating to warmer grounds.

      1. Thank you Wayne for so generously sending her the picture of Daredevil! Her response was, “Wow, that’s amazing. How does he capture a picture like that?” I told her that God gave you a gift for capturing incredible moments in nature. I will get the picture printed so she’ll always remember that afternoon.

  3. When you have photos of an eagle with a dark background, the eagle seems so much more vibrant and a black, velvet-like background – that’s how it always seems to me. Just beautiful Wayne!

      1. I’ve known him about 15 years,so he’s got at least 5 more years. The Daredevil’s mate Delilah is already gone as is Maggie as well.
        Once they get a new mate It’ll take years for them to get use to me.

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