1. We enjoy laughing. Every once in a while we say we appreciate each other’s humour and can’t imagine having family members who are serious all the time. None of us are.

  1. When I see herons, they are either posing, still as a statue, while pondering life or fishing … the rest of the time they are flying and squawking their heads off … here is such a time. I see the beak open and imagine the air was filled with heron screeches. You got to see the heron usurped by the eagle – lucky you and you had the camera handy as well.

    1. I wear headphones while travelling and shooting. So it can squawk as much as it wants as far as I’m concerned.
      Because I saw the Heron there on Romeo’s perch I knew Romeo would spook it off. So all I did was wait for Romeo to come over to say hi! So the only luck invovlved was that the Heron had decided to perch on Romeo’s spot…..which I’ve only seen happen ponce before. The eagle and Heron know each other well. That Heron huts inside Romeo/Juliette’s territory. They do not compete for the same food so they seem to get along……….mostly until it sits on Romeo’s throne! Silly Heron!

      1. He was testing Romeo’s patience. Did you see the video Andy Finnegan had of the heron wrangling the eel in a recent post? That eel was huge! I guess they don’t have eels there for your herons and not sure an eagle would devour an eel?

      2. I thought so too! I thought you’d be able to see that eel going down the heron’s throat but not really. Harry was fishing this morning. No breakfast caught while I was there though.

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