23 thoughts on “SHY BRUIN

    1. I made a joke about it having that white stuff on its face to Roberta earlier.
      She enquired as to what it was?
      I said it was from the picnic the bears were having down in the forest. It had taken a huge bite out of a big white cake and had gotten some on its face. Silly bear……

    1. Good eye Roberta! With the river flowing so fast a white foam gathers in the back eddies. These back eddies are where dead salmon collect. This bear had poked its snout into the water looking for some dead salmon and gotten some of that foam onto its face.

      I was going to make up a story on how the Bears were having a picnic in the forest and this bear had devoured a large piece of the white cake, but was too tired to write it up last night. Maybe later today I’ll mention it.

      1. You’ll have to introduce yourself next time and then gauge the reaction. Unfortunately you’re too far away for them to hear you talking to them and you don’t want to shout and scare them or get them all stirred up.

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