24 thoughts on “SEARCHING

    1. If a bear spotted a salmon they would lunge very quickly to grab it! They pin it down with their paws and then get a good grip on it with their teeth. They release their grip and trot off into the forest to enjoy!
      It just don’t get any fresher!

      1. I wasn’t sure if they’d jump down or now, or just try to swipe one and catch it that way – it looked like too high a ledge to be able to do that unless it laid down on the ground. (Anything not to get wet fur!)

      2. I guess your water is not awfully cold, just cold while they are already hibernating, so that makes it more palatable to jump in for a tasty salmon. I always like your photos of the salmon hanging out of the bear’s mouth sideways.

      3. that water is cold enough that I bet you couldn’t keep your hand under for 10 seconds! It freezes my hand!
        Bears need to put on weight so they don’t die during the winter!

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