33 thoughts on “ON PATROL

  1. The golden lighting on the Bear’s hind quarter is lovely, sets it apart from the usual flat black. And the Gull sidekick is icing on the cake. Great photo.

    1. you can count on it Liz! Bears never eat the entire salmon. Allowing everybody else to chow down! Even the crabs are waiting out front for the dead salmon to be flushed out of the river by big rains!

  2. This bear looks like he’s been chowing down a lot of salmon. No wonder the gull is hovering nearby – he realizes this bear is an excellent fisherman and hopes to snag a snack.

    1. I’ve watched a “crew” of Crows perched about a bear overturning boulders. Once the bear sucks up all the baby crabs,It’ll move on and that’s when the Crows descend to gobble up all the juicy tasty insects!
      Once all the insects are eaten, the Crows fly up into another tree further down the beach and wait for the bear to do the same thing.

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