There was a Floatplane accident this afternoon. It involved a Floatplane (Beaver) from Tofino Air. It appears the plane was coming in for a landing when It was struck by a boat! This is the first time I have ever heard of anything like this happening and I’ve been flying on floatplanes now for 40 years!

My sister in law came all the way out from Ontario to visit me. She had her sister and friends with her. They were the ones on board when this happened. Nobody was hurt but they did submerge and get hypothermic. She lost all her electronics as well.

I took video and stills of the plane being loaded onto a barge. Now the investigation begins to find out why this happened?


  1. Dramatic photos, Wayne! Planes are not supposed to look like that. Like a crumpled bird or grasshopper being hauled up. And what a strange coincidence that your relatives were on board. So glad they weren’t seriously injured. Best, Babsje

  2. Oh my word! Your poor sister-in-law and friends. That sound pretty traumatic! It took me a while to realise that the plane had a wing missing! That must have been a bad crash. How do they usually arrange it so that boats aren’t on the “runway” or landing area?

  3. How dramatic! I’m glad no one was hurt. It will be a pain to replace the electronics, but people can’t be replaced. Thanks for all the photos. I hope you will all enjoy the visit.

  4. Thank heavens there weren’t any injuries, but what an awful accident. I’ve never heard of anything like it – I have to suspect the pilot of the boat was at fault. I’ll be interested to learn about the follow-up.

  5. Oh, my gosh! So glad they came out without serious injury. Scary start to their visit, though. I was impressed with the speed of the rescuers circling the accident. Every second counts in an incident like that. {{hugs}} to your family.

      1. It was on the news last night. They didn’t say who was on the plane, only that fifteen boats took part in the rescue and thankfully no one was killed.
        So sorry this happened to your family, Wayne.

  6. Terrible to hear about this accident, though I’m glad no serious injuries or worse. As you say, the psychological trauma will remain, though. Seems it must have been carelessness on the boaters part.

  7. How horrible for you to stand there and watch this scene unfold, knowing there were loved ones on board. Lucky they could swim, or at the very least were able to keep themselves afloat by grabbing onto a piece of the plane. I hope you will follow up with the details of the accident after the investigation. I hope the weather is cooperative for your sister-in-law and family/friend’s visit!

  8. No words for an accident like this, Wayne, thank God your family was not injured! Were they on the plane? During fire season, there are many scooper planes that dip for water and there have been several close calls with boats on the nearby lake. Scary stuff!

  9. Wow! That very traumatic! Your poor sister. Both the fright and the chill will take some recovering form. I’ve seen the floatplanes land at Victoria Harbour — I thought that they had a system for clearing the boat traffic there, but maybe they didn’t….

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