24 thoughts on “SUNSET EAGLE CRANE

  1. Wayne – There’s a long-standing tradition in the construction industry of placing a Christmas Tree atop a crane. You went them one better with your Eagle Crane photo! Love it.

      1. I bet the most difficult part would be persuading the Eagle to sit still long enough to get the hat on its head. You are the Eagle Whisperer old school or not.

      1. I have since come up with a plan!
        I can phone them up and ask. I want to fashion a support for a trail camera station at the top of the crane! I bet he’ll allow me to put something like that up there! I think it would be a great idea and the view up there looking northward would have a excellent background!

      2. Yes- that would be great and e-mail him your blog post or the photo. But I don’t think he will let you climb to the top of the crane for insurance purposes … you might have to be in that union to be associated with the crane or touching it? But, it’s worth a try.

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