I came across a male Stellar Sea Lion. He was here for the food……namely Salmon! They eat anywhere between 10 to 50 pounds of salmon each day!

I’ve decided to call him “Big Ben”…………because he weighs in at 2000 pounds!

72 thoughts on “INTRODUCING “BIG BEN”

      1. I know to keep a fence between me and the horses next door. I am awed by their size, and I’m sure they sense that. I would love to have a horse for a friend. *sigh*

      2. well I bet If you went to your fence with some carrots or apples they’d do a dance for you!
        Best scenario…… get a horse friend and don’t have to pay for it and all that upkeep!

      1. Hello Stephanie! I do not like putting my email address up on this public forum,but If you contact Lynn she will give it to you. I’ll contact her right now and let her know you’ll be coming along shortly.

    1. good question Jacquire! Yes,they do have to listen for them. Orca’s are like a loud motorcycle gang riding into town! Everybody can hear them coming,so everybody runs to hide. Which is exactly what the orcas want to happen.
      After announcing themselves they go quiet and begin to systematically search each bay. It’s like a dog flushing a grouse.
      One Orca will cruise around and silently swim through weed beds.
      Of course by this time most “smart” Seals have gotten out of the water!
      Like in the movie “Jaws”,everybody runs out of the water when the shark comes around.
      I’ve seen Orcas circling a rock with a Seal on it! You can bet they’ll stay on top of that rock for a while!

  1. What a big brute he is – huge and ruling that rock. That’s a massive body and if he slid into the water, he ‘d create quite the waves for your boat. Good thing he prefers posing instead.

      1. That is a big sea lion. And I like how he was poised thinking about the dive. Thanks for the link. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a photo of one before your post.

      2. Oh yes,they are a huge vacuum!
        I do not know why he is alone but they do prefer company rather than a bachelor life. I do not think he would swim upstream ?……..but maybe he would?

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