17 thoughts on “CHOWING DOWN

    1. and boy was that fresh! I could of eaten it myself! When it’s at the start of the spawning the meat is better to eat but after they’ve been in fresh water for 2 weeks the meat doesn’t taste as good.

      1. Ha ha – yes, the human who might steal the rest of its dinner. There was a green heron at the Park this morning. I’ve seen them at the marina that I featured in Monday’s post, but not at Council Point Park. I didn’t take a photo as it was very sunny and I was looking into the sun and knew if I repositioned myself it would likely fly off. But it was studying the water so intently, neck down and there was lots of activity in the water, but it didn’t catch anything. Maybe a novice. Nice to have a morning with lots of squirrels, zero hawks and a new heron. Harry has not been around all Summer.

      2. Yes this one was pretty and no outstretched neck so it was calmly fishing. The sun was in my eyes and I had to hide by a tree to watch it due to the sun glare. That’s why I never took the camera from my waist pack. It was not there this morning – but it was the second day with no feathered meanies. Hope they have moved on or are part of the hawk migration. I just looked on the Detroit River Hawk Migration site – 9 Red-Tailed Hawks moved through there today. Hope these two were part of that migration and will leave my furry friends alone.

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