55 thoughts on “ANNETTE CUB

  1. How wonderful for you to see and photograph your first Bear cub of the season! Lovely photo. It looks like she is dabbling a paw out into water as though practicing for when the Salmon start or maybe digging for a clam? As the saying goes “Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.” You got the bear(s) thus time. Well done Wayne. And Annette – adorable namesake!

      1. you’d get use to them pretty quickly Babsje. Your already a wildlife photographer!
        20 feet is too close for me but remember thats when I’m in my boat. I would never get that close to a bear while on land and I might add they would never allow it anyways!

      2. You’re right, thanks Wayne. I AM a wildlife photographer, but there’s wildlife and then there’s really WILDlife. Bears are a lot more wild and intimidating than my usual subjects. I recall that you have a technique for approaching then in land quietly so your footfalls don’t make any sound at all?

      3. You can tell If a dog is not feeling receptive by it’s body language. All animals have body language and bears are no exception. I watch the bear to see how receptive it is? I only move when It’s not watching and try not to make noise by stepping on anything that would make noise.

      4. Excellent point. Like when a Great Blue standing still in a comfortable position with head rested low starts to alert and extends its neck and head straight up. Or when one is about to lift off from a standing position they move their butts slightly downward. That’s a signal they are going to be moving quickly. And very often they poo right before flight. Body language is fascinating stuff.

      5. Rofl blowing ballast is a very charming and apt expression. Commercial jets will dump fuel if they’re too heavy for a good takeoff. I guess the similar thinking applies to Eagles and Blues?

      6. Exactly so. One of my last flights from Boston to. Vegas was carrying too much equipment to a trade show there. They had to dump fuel over but then a snowstorm moved in and we were diverted to Salt Lake City but then that airport had a sudden snow storm. The pilot got on the PA and said “Folks, were going to try to land in Denver.” I don’t like hearing the word “try” from a pilot. As Yoda says “There is no try. There is do or don’t do.” We ran out of fuel over the Rockies just outside the airport and limped in on fumes. Otherwise I would have never met my Heron friends.

      7. Reading Eagles so closely makes you able to anticipate their movements and get set up for some great shots! Showing up is half the thing but anticipating is just as important.

      8. Jumping is a great descriptive word. Jumping in front of a full Moon would be a special moment to capture. Well any moment with an Eagle in front of the full moon is. Your Eagle moon series is so unique.

      9. I have tried that with success! If I see the eagle pointing in one direction I put the moon on that side. Of course this only works for eagles I do not know. They get nervous and jump. My eagles just stare at me wondering what I’m doing?

      10. Glad that has worked! That is a great technique for photographing the unknown Eagles. Bit I’m giggling at the idea of Romeo or The Daredevil just watching and wondering whatever their human is up to. So you anticipate the Eagles but turnabout is fair play and the Eagles try to anticipate you!

  2. Annette is a cutie pie; how nice of you to name her after Annette. Did this cub or its Mama have any identifiable marks so you’ll be able to I.D. them? Hopefully you can document them with photos like Peggy and Piglet!

      1. I’d love to GPS the eagles too! Especially right now! They are about to leave for a months vacation at the salmon streams! They will come back to make sure their territory hasn’t been usurped and then take off for a week or so?
        I’d love to know where individual eagles go!!

      2. Yes they do band them,but they band very few relative to the given population.

        The Trumpeters also used a plastic neck ID tube. They slipped it over the head and onto the neck. It had high contrasting colours and had their ID number on there. One letter and two numbers. It was designed to break apart after a while. Might of been bio-organic?

      3. I didn’t know that they banded eagles. A fellow blogger goes on nature walks where she lives in Connecticut and featured seagulls who had bands on their legs and she zoomed in and got the date and tracked it online where they have a database to check it yourself.

      1. Hi Wayne! Lol This is the issue i now have, after self hosting. But i remembered the old quote “Never touch a running system!” I had forgotten so many things from IT, i fear another change would be like a open heart surgery by a butcher. ;-) Thank you, and have a nice rest of the week, and also a beautiful weekend! xx Michael

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