52 thoughts on “A BLUE SUNSET

      1. It’s a mystery to me as well! do not play it Emma. Over here only older people play it and they call it “Crib”.
        I do think it is more a game of our mothers and fathers?

  1. You captured a double reflection – the sun reflecting off the bottom of the clouds and then the whole glowing sky reflecting on the surface of the water.
    Magnificent reflections. And the Great Blue Heron is the icing on the cake!

      1. Herons are like that. They make a person work hard if you want to capture their beauty. But getting hung up in the shallows in a boat with a motor? That must have been extra tricky. Good work the photo is amazing.

      1. there was some tourists in a boat that had ran aground on a sand bar. I knew instantly they couldn’t be local. I watched them waiting around for hours for the tide to rise and lift them off. The person driving the boat obviously wasn’t reading any chart or paying attention to the bouys. So they had to be tourists.

  2. It’s truly delightful to see this glorious sunset, Wayne, in the three different perspectives centered on the Great Blue Heron. That magnificent color embraces us in each photo.

  3. Lovely photo, Wayne. We saw lots of grey herons in the Colorado River on our recent trip in the Rockies. This morning I saw a bird I identified as a ‘Small Blue Heron’ in a marsh near our house. Probably migrating.

  4. The top picture is just extraordinary, Wayne. It’s hard to find words to describe the beauty you captured. Thanks! 😊

      1. Exactly! Because we are able to self-entertain outdoors, or even indoors, without going into a tailspin. If my brain is cluttered, it is all the stuff happening in the news everyday, most which leaves me shaking my head.

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