This is the molting season for eagles,actually most birds as it’s the hottest. Check out his tail feathers?

I noticed on the Satellite feed smoke moving up from Washington State forest fires. I knew the sunset would be great,so I headed out for a sunset shoot. Couldn’t find anybody around except my Eagle friends. Heat makes all animals lazy……including humans!

25 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

  1. Stunning photos – I absolutely love them, thank you for sharing!
    If you’re interested in African wildlife photography, check out my site where I’ll be sharing adventures and photos from across Africa.

  2. The loss of the tail feathers must make it difficult for the Daredevil to swoop and dive with his daredevil moves. I noticed the feathers missing in the front. The geese have returned to Council Point Park. They left in early June when they lost their flight feathers so they have been hanging out in shoreline parks, where they just plop into the water if predators threaten them. But, they are back and honking away again, all of their feathers back and good to go.

      1. As many tail feathers as the Daredevil was missing, he should be avoiding any windy days for a while until the new ones grow in. Better be on the lookout for any good luck tail feathers Wayne!

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