This is the moment I was waiting for (with Romeo)……….but a interloping eagle from a northern territory decided to invade and trespass! Which made both Romeo and Juliette take off in hot pursuit to intercept!

Eagles guard their territories to the death! I’ve seen this eagle flying into Romeo/Juliette’s territory many times. I suspect Eagles are constantly testing neighbouring boundaries? One day, there may not be any eagles to intercept …… and they now own the territory!

I saw Juliette coming back but not Romeo. He probably perched in a tree close by to the interloper and just stared at him. At any rate, just when I wanted Romeo to be around he was busy elsewhere taking care of business.

The camera didn’t record the light colour accurately. The true colour can be seen in the waters reflection. It was a pinkish orange.

32 thoughts on “FIRE SUN

  1. Hi Wayne. Beautiful wispy clouds dancing across the sun! It’s the sort of clouds I’m accustomed to seeing in front of the Moon here and not the Sun. Happy that Romeo is protective against the interloper although sorry it robbed you of a photo OP. Best, Babsje

  2. The smoke from the CA fires reached all the way to Winston- Salem here in NC! My brother mentioned the air was awful.
    Spectacular colors, though – great photo. I hope Romeo returned eventually – I had no idea eagles were so territorial.

  3. We get these same sunsets and sunrises for weeks here, Wayne! The eagle family I blogged about got their early-fledged eaglet back but they haven’t been back to the Bluebell Court nest since June. I miss seeing her pics of them all on Facebook, but she believes Journey is being taught to hunt and they are on another area of Long Lake near where we live. Eagles are the most amazing raptors and a joy to learn more about!

  4. The reflection and the actual moon color are both so unusual looking with that pinkish hue – the moon is wearing a mask … well if ever there was a year to do so, this is it.

      1. Yes, I was just commenting on that. The sun, as you’ve captured it here, was such a perfect orb that it looked like the moon. And it looked like it had a mask over its “face”.

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