I love visiting Romeo! The sunsets can be fantastic! To me clouds are just about as important as the subject with sunset shots! I never know what the sunset is going to be like? It’s like a roll of the dice! What I want are Goldi-Loks clouds,not too many and not too few.

When the magic comes it’s like I’m teleported to another world!

67 thoughts on “ROMEO’S SUNSET FLIGHT

    1. I doubt he see’s it as we do Jane? I suspect all animals think more in black and white terms. I do not think they ponder their own existence for instance but a interesting question to debate.
      What do you ponder on the matter?

      1. πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ The team did very well to get to the final, Wayne, pity about the abuse they’re now getting on Twitter, from β€˜fans’ who have probably never achieved anything in their own lives.

  1. Wayne thank you for teleporting us to that other world along with you. This photo is spectacular. Do you feel the sheer joyfulness of flight? Amazing Romeo. Amazing sunset. Best, Babsje

  2. A perfect sunset Wayne, the sunsets have been pretty bleak here lately, we had one day where we could smell smoke and see it by the afternoon, the weather said it was smoke coming from fires in Canada. It has been hazy like that all week.

  3. Totally agree with every sunset being different. And, the clouds do make the difference between good and spectacular. Thanks for sharing your spectacular shots with us.

    1. The average life expectancy is around 85 years. Which translates into 3125 days lived.
      With each one of those days the sunsets was uniquely different!
      Experiencing a great sunset like this is like finding a gem. With each gem we collect we create a personal necklace of experiences.
      My necklace shines!

      1. I aim to see a great sunset one day Wayne and it won’t be standing on my porch – too much neighborhood rooftops and power lines in the way.

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