9 thoughts on “LAST SHOT

  1. Thank you for taking us along on this incredible journey. Not only did you capture some great pictures you also collected some unforgettable memories.

      1. I’m am quite honored to receive such an invitation. If we ever head to western Canada we will be sure to look you up. It’s funny you should mention a Lab and a boat. Adi just took her first boat ride while we were in the mountains. She took to it like a duck to water. As my Dad slowly trolled out to our fishing destination she would hang her head over the side and lap at the water. Once we set anchor, she’d lay down and take a snooze on the cool bottom of the boat. If one of the kids got really excited about their catch she would get up and investigate the cause for excitement.

      2. A Lab’s love of swimming and the jumping out part is why we waited so long to give this a try. At four years of age, she’s proven herself to be a very obedient pup, so I was confident she wouldn’t exit the boat unless instructed to do so. Dad and the kids caught lots of sunfish and a few crappie bass.

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