Researchers have found the best way to ID a Orca is to look at it’s “saddle patch”. The saddle patch is at the base of the dorsal fin. Each is as unique as a fingerprint. They also show unique scaring. Sometimes chunks are taken out of the dorsal making them easier to ID.

11 thoughts on “IDENTIFICATION

  1. Wouldn’t removing chunks of the dorsal fin not have any ill effects on the whale? Wouldn’t it cause pain or discomfort, and how would “they” do it anyway? I realize it’s important to maintain some sort of number with respect to the Orca population, but this seems a tad uncomfortable for them.

    1. I’d like to attach “something” that I could attach my GoPro to quickly and shoot underwater. If I had something like that ready when those two Orcas tried to get that Seal that would be outstanding footage!

      1. I was thinking if it was a telescopic selfie stick, it could hang onto your camera bag or off a pants loop/belt, etc. I thought I’d seen them one time made like that. You’re right – the paddle is a better option.

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