24 thoughts on “DAWLEY PASS

      1. Sometimes we need to be like our mothers and have eyes at the back of our heads. Did your mom say that to you when you were growing up? My mom would say “I know what’s going on because I have eyes in the back of my head.”

      2. there are Pros and Cons to that scenario Linda! I had 3 older brothers and two younger sisters! If you weren’t the first to the table you ended up eating the stuff the others didn’t like and Lord help you If it was KFC!!

      3. Yes! :) I wasn’t spoiled though to be honest. I did not want for anything, but I was not what you’d call a spoiled, only-child brat. My parents were very strict with me and that continued well into young adulthood (“you live under our roof, you abide by our rules”).

      4. That’s great you didn’t suffer from the “only spoiled child” syndrome! I’ve known several who got upset If you were not constantly paying attention to “them”!

      5. No, I was not spoiled as a kid. And I only had one set of grandparents so I was not spoiled by two sets of grandparents competing against another for my attention. My parents did pay for my college education and my father bought me a brand-new car because I had not worked until after high school and they wanted me driving a safe car, and, I continued living at the house as I wanted to travel and I wasn’t charged room and board. So I was not really spoiled, but I did have to abide by their rules, so I’ll admit that.

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