Light is a critical element for me! Finding the right subject for the right light is hard! I spend half my time searching and the other half shooting.

In the above pictures we have the same subject but different lighting. The upper is warm while the ones below are cool. I only go out If I think the light/clouds are going to be in the ball park. Once out, I roll the dice and see what comes up? No matter what the light is,I try to make it work. I take advantage of what Mother Nature serves up.

The last shot is of a Heron with the moon in behind. Finding a Heron perched right on the very top of a tree when the moon is out doesn’t happen every day. Having said that,I do not consider this shot to be the best. I would of preferred to have the Heron bathed in golden light. Gold light would show more detail in the contrast and colour! Unfortunately by the time I found this Heron the sun had already set! So I had to rolled with it and shot silhouettes! (10% of something is better then 100% of nothing)

So when I go out on a evening shoot I’m searching more for the light then the subject. Great light makes bad subjects better and great subjects look excellent!

83 thoughts on “A GOLD GREY BLUE

  1. Beautiful shots. Its seems that all artists are never entirely happy with their work, haunted by what they wanted to achieve. Thankfully other people are (usually) unaware of this thought process and just admire your stunning work!

  2. I like the ethereal blue of the 3rd and 4th photos very much – a Great Blue bathed in the blue hour. But the bottom capture? The Heron silhouetted against the pale nearly-full moon? Evocative and dream-like! Great post Wayne. Best, Babsje

      1. For me any place with a Great Blue Heron AND a camera is the right place right time. The Golden Hour is beloved by many while appreciation for the Blue Hour less so. You nailed it! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. As a fellow photographer (although not a pro), I adore any kind of light that makes the image unusual, Wayne. I love what you captured here. If you see my post today, I captured an interesting shot of one of my Sacramento hummers in a pinkish light, so perfect for sharing with Bird Weekly and my Sunday Stills color challenge. The planets definitely aligned. The heron silhouetted against the moon is NatGeo material in my book! :)

    1. Yes,I actually had a look at it before reading your comment here. Right place right time is what we all search for!
      I only have a handful of shots with a Heron and the moon in behind.
      Thanks as always for dropping in Terri and for your well thought out comment!

  4. Natures light is the best!! And these photos are wonderful even if some seem in silhouette, the composition in the scenery and figure makes them very pleasing to the eye. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I havenโ€™t seen the moon in what seems to be ages. Either itโ€™s not out or Iโ€™m going to bed too early and miss it. The herons are, without a doubt, the strangest bird on the planet. Iโ€™ve never seen anything like them and they fascinate me. Thatโ€™s a great shot of the heron and the moon. You got him right in the centre of the moon.

  6. Great light in all photos, Wayne, even the “cool light”! You captured the herons exactly as I imagine them. Perched up on a tree, taking off and sitting still. The Golden Hour does add magic to photographs!

  7. One shorebird but in so many poses to look like an entirely different species. The sky behind the silhouette looks like the smoggy air when you had the wildfire photos a few years ago. I am impressed by the wingspan of the heron and when it’s all hunkered down too by the moon. Nice shots all the way around Wayne.

      1. trust me, anything that’s eatable would be snapped up in a second!
        Herons and all large birds are very mindful that they need a huge open area to lift off! So they never place themselves in a compromised position.

      2. They seem like skin and bones to me. Here is a video on a heron – this was posted on Detroit Audubon’s Facebook page today. But I can’t send the link – I went to YouTube and found it.

  8. Wow, these photos are magnificent, Wayne. I especially love the golden photos, took my breath away. And that header with the dramatic eagle shot is absolutely stunning.

  9. As always Wayne your photos are such a delight. You have a way of capturing the best in your chosen subjects. In this case the unique form of the heron. I love looking to the sky and being able to identify the blue heron by its shape. We just returned from our annual trip to the mountains. This year the lake we stayed near was readily inhabited by green herons. I quickly became familiar with their form and sound as Adi seemed to inadvertently upset at least one each morning on our walk. Usually I’m good about spotting water fowl and skirting around them as to not disturb them, but these guys are smaller and stay well hidden along the shoreline.

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