25 thoughts on “SUNEAGLE

  1. I was watching an excellent series called “The Terror” about an ill-fated polar expedition of the mid C19th (way up north) and they kept mentioning Sun Dogs. I had to look it up as I had never heard of them.

    1. many people get them confused with a Sun Halo. Sun Dogs occur at the 9am and 3pm position and look like a slice out of a rainbow.
      The Terror and the Erebus were both lost with all hands in the Northwest passage. Not Franklin’s finest hour.

      1. I already had it marked to watch Emma. I just checked it to see how many seasons there were. There are two seasons so far.
        Didn’t they all go mad from lead poisoning? Their food cans had lead that leeched into the food I believe?

      2. Only one season is in the the artic, the second ones in set in Japan I believe. Yes, lead in those cans plays a part but there’s more to it than that. It’s gripping and fascinating in equal measure. I am not quite at the end yet.

      3. The second series of “The Terror” is set in Japan during WW2 rather than the artic in the 1840s. Sorry, if I confused you there. It’s a bit of a leap, I know. From one side of the world and a century later. A different sor of “Terror” I guess?

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