29 thoughts on “GET MY GOOD SIDE

  1. You craft the best post titles. I can’t imagine The Daredevil having anything but a good side. 😊 great head-on angle with the full outstretched wings must be difficult to get everything in focus at the same time. Well done!

      1. he did that once. I saw his shadow coming up from behind me. I turned around and his talons were outstretched coming right at me! Of course he was trying to get me to stop and would never of attacked me but he did alarm me for a second!

      2. He was being a smart ass. I was on my way to take shots of bears up in Fortune Channel. So I never stop on my way out, just on my way back. He was upset that I wasn’t going to stop. Later I did give me hell for doing that! I know how a Rabbit feels a few seconds before it dies now!

      3. He felt rejected. Yes, can you imagine looking over your shoulder and seeing all that force coming toward you? And, you’re only one foot tall?

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